The branding of this hotel was a very crucial first step of how we would market this new hotel to the world, a hotel that no one had ever heard of before. November Press did an incredible job of listening and learning about what type of hotel we were trying to create, doing an incredible job of researching not just the neighborhood of the location of the hotel, but the history of the city and ultimately creating a brand that captured the very essence of what we had envisioned from day one of this project.

– Jerald Leap, Hotel VIA

We designed a custom website to keep audiences up-to-date on the progress of the boutique hotel and to showcase attractions, restaurants, and night life venues within steps of Hotel VIA.

Every once in a while, a logomark is not designed, but discovered. This was one of those cases in logo creation where the letterforms lent themselves to the classic addition by reduction, creating a repetition of forms cap-ended by diagonal parallels, making it the obvious solution for the mark for Hotel VIA.

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