We began this project with the logo. The letter forms of the name lent themselves to a playful anagram. Once we had the mark developed, the path forward for the rest of the identity was clear.

To really lean into the simplicity, we challenged ourselves to create a robust repertoire with as few visual elements as possible—constraining the complete brand identity to two shapes, two colors, and a handful of schematics and product renderings.

As a marketer it is imperative to work with creatives who not only understand the brand you are trying to create, but also how it will connect with your intended audience.  I could not recommend November Press more highly, they are a joy to work with and create impactful, beautiful work.

– James Wharton, Jura

Be connected, not tied down.
Be tethered, but also, unfettered.
A click that will stick, but never bound.
Be you. Be everywhere. Freedom. Found.
A moment. Yours.
Turn it up. Lose the crowd.
Find a friend. Share a beat.
Move on. Live. Loud.
Connect. Disconnect.
Move. Slow. Quick.
Anchor, by JURA.
Click . Unclick . Click

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